Maintaining the youthful glow of your skin can be easy, given that you are using the right beauty products for your skin. You may have been using different beauty products on a daily basis to help restore the natural moisture and youthful look of your skin. However, the question is, are you using the most basic product that your skin needs?

A facial cleanser and moisturizer are one of the basic products that you should have in your beauty bag. However, you should add to it a facial toner. Here is why you should:


  • First reason: Provided that the facial toner that you are using is formulated correctly, it will help tighten your pores and help smoothen your skin. Toners available in the market today have astringents that help contract and tighten skin. You will have a smoother skin complexion if you have tighter pores. This will have a smooth effect on your skin and will make your skin look younger. You can then start saying goodbye to wrinkles and laugh lines.


  • Second reason: Tighter pores do not only make you look good. If you have tighter and smaller pores, your skin has better chances fighting harmful skin irritants and bacteria. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses will have little room to lodge in. Toners, also have antiseptic properties, which helps your skin fight off infections and skin irritants present in the environment. This will give your skin a clearer look, and you will also have lesser and fewer acne breakouts.


  • Third reason: Toners help restore your skin’s natural pH level. You have to know that cleaning your skin with cleansers and soaps will remove the natural oil properties of your skin. When this happens, your skin’s sebum glands will work for up to an hour just to restore the natural pH level of your skin. However, with the use of a facial toner, the pH balance of your skin will be restored in an instant. This will give your skin a chance to just relax and naturally heal. If your skin’s pH balance is restored in an instant, your skin’s acid mantle will be working again to fight off invading microbes from entering your skin. You have to remember that skin irritants and bacteria that cause acne are present in the environment, and you should protect your skin from them all the time. Your natural defenses will be restored in an instant when you use a toner.

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The use of toners right after cleansing your skin has a therapeutic effect. This is especially true when the toner you are using has other active ingredients that help the therapeutic process. When shopping for facial toners, it would be wise to have a tuner that has ingredients such as rosewater, witch hazel, green tea extract, apple cider vinegar, or orange blossom water. These ingredients will help restore your youthful glow. read more